What is Skype for Business? And why do you need it to operate more efficiently?

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Operating more efficiently means integrating communications, marketing, sales and operational technology – right? Yas! We know that integrating everything makes life easier. So, let’s start with Skype for business…

…Skype for Business is a platform that brings together quite a few technologies presented from a single software solution.

Here at Think Cirrus, we provide the Skype for Business Platform which includes instant messaging, voice & video calling, screen sharing and conferencing. It’s a modular suite so you can pick and choose as you need. Skype for Business is a productivity tool and compliments the Microsoft Office Suite of tools.

User Interface for Video Conference
Think about your smartphone, most of us have one.  It’s much more than a phone, right?  It’s got your contacts, e-mail, pictures, music and of course your social media feeds.

Could you make do without your smartphone?

Skype for Business represents a modern shift in business integrated communications. It allows you to work remotely, flexibly and another compelling reason to switch is, cost.

Do you pay for your phone lines, phone bills, voice conference call service, video conference call service? Are all these platforms separate? These individual costs all add up, right?

Quite often these require capital investments which mean you have long term assets to sweat. Not with skype for business…

Skype for Business features:

  • Charges are per user per month
  • all rolled into a single price.
  • Software based, so it can be on your office PC, laptop, mobile phone, tablet.

All of this add up to the fact you can be in the office even though your away from the office.

You might think: “ I can do this myself” – but lets have a chat about how we can integrate your I.T. properly, so that you don’t have any gremlins or frustrations.

For more information and to see if we can help you contact us T:03303 130966 or e-mail us using [email protected]

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