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Managed IT Services

Although we offer all of the ‘usual’ IT support services that you’d expect, we’re more than just a voice at the end of a phone, or a cursor moving remotely around your laptop screen. From Day One, we take the time to get to know the structure of your teams, and the people at the core of your organisation.

We make it our business to understand the roots of the systems that enable your business to operate seamlessly day-to-day. We’ll never offer you ‘off-the-shelf’ support.

Our packages are built to your bespoke requirements, with an emphasis on people and process, alongside the latest equipment and technology. We’re confident that in no time at all you’ll consider us as a natural extension to your team, providing you with the peace of mind that everything’s working as it should be, and on hand to deliver proactive results and solutions, as well as answering your questions and offering friendly help and advice wherever we can. 

“As a Service”

If you are looking to revitalise your IT ‘As a Service’ might be something you want to consider. Almost any technology requirement can be delivered through ‘cloud services’ whether that be infrastructure (servers, storage, hardware), platforms (linked applications), software or CCTV, empowering your technology to grow with your business. Dynamic, scalable and cost effective.


Network, Infrastructure and Connectivity

Infrastructure, Network and Connectivity is a vital part of any IT landscape and the last 12 months in particular have highlighted just how crucial it is to have an infrastructure that supports the rapidly changing, sometimes unexpected nature of the commercial world.  Cirrus Technology Solutions can carry out a full review of your organsiations IT infrastructure ensuring that it is fit for purpose.  Unlike many IT companies however, we focus on making sure the ‘infrastructure’ truly serves the needs of our clients (and in turn our clients clients). We monitor performance, up time and proactively identify potential issues, ensuring your business runs to full capacity and your employees have access to their systems, no matter their location.  To get in touch and book your free review click here


Cyber Security

There is no doubt that CyberSecurity has been an IT ‘buzzword’ for a few years. Protecting yourself, your team, your business and your clients from CyberAttacks, Data Breaches, Spam, Hacks etc is not only essential but we believe the responsibility of each of us. Technology, however is simply not enough. Cirrus works closely with its clients to ensure that as many precautions as possible are in place and that your people understand and can recognise a potential threat.


CCTV, Audio Visual and Door Entry Access Systems

Whether its CCTV equipment or image retrieval, door entry systems, conferencing facilities or sound systems for your hospitality business, Cirrus Technology Solutions can implement, monitor and support your ideal set up. We work closely with industry experts to install the required equipment and our support team is always on hand to help.


CIO Connect

For many of our clients we are their ‘IT Department’ dealing with day to day support queries. But what about strategic support?  Who do you turn to when you need expert advice?  Cirrus Technology Services are far more than just an IT support company, we work with our clients as part of their team, operationally and strategically. Whether you need support in making new investments in hardware or software, change management (process and people), consulting services, data management and reporting, opening new offices or venues, we can be your CIO.


IT Compliance

Often IT Compliance is confused with IT Security. Whilst there are definite overlaps compliance covers a much wider spectrum of processes and procedures, often required to meet external or 3rd party criteria and it can be a minefield.

Cirrus Technology Solutions can help guide you through compliance, whether you are reviewing your internal processes and procedures or striving to achieve ISO27001 or PCI compliance. Cirrus have worked with a number of clients, consulting and advising on how to best implement a Compliance Strategy that meets the demands of both your internal customers and external bodies.


VOIP or Voice over Internet protocol. Some people call this Voice Over Internet but whatever you want to call it, VOIP now the only phone service you can order and from Late 2025 everyone will need to have made the jump.

Unlike the traditional phone network neither your number nor handsets are fixed to your location. More flexibility is a very attractive aspect of VOIP.

Teams Calling

Using teams as part of your Office365 Subscriptions?
Would you like to make and receive calls in Teams?

Read on…..

It’s now possible to use Microsoft Teams as not only your messaging and collaboration platform but also phone calls. No need for separate systems both can be integrated into Microsoft Teams as part of a fully unified messaging platform.

This is essentially a VOIP platform, you can check our page dedicated to VOIP here:

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