Microsoft Staff Hub is here!

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Microsoft Staff Hub is here! So what is it?

Do you employ front line staff workers in your retail, hotel or restaurant business?  Microsoft Staff Hub is here and it’s made for you.   We know that these staff members don’t necessarily have their own office, desk or computer. Which can make it hard to access and share information important for the working day, week, month and beyond.

Modernise the way you communicate on a professional level.

Far too often, you and your workers rely on manual processes and outdated tools—cumbersome creation and printing of paper schedules, bulletin boards crammed with notes and a flurry of phone calls and text messages to cover shifts. Yes? If not, we applaud you! We really want to know what tech you use.

If you do struggle and waste time. Keep reading. This new app could change your live for good!

Rota, Schmota! Timetable mix ups will become a thing of the past!

Microsoft Staff Hub - Part of Office365
Staff Hub

Staff Hub is a new scheduling app and online platform where you’ll be able to see staff changes, check shifts and reduce any mix ups or stress related conversations, easily and quickly. This means your staff could become happier – boosting business all round. Now who doesn’t want that?

With Staff Hub you can create digital timetables that are automatically shared with your teams. And all members of the team will be able to check their shifts on their phone, any time, day or night.

Shift swaps can also be managed on the platform.  Just open the app and send a request

We think this sounds bliss.

Take a look at the video below for more information.

Virtual noticeboard – move over Facebook and WhatsApp – your staff will look at this more than any other app.

If you still use notes pinned to notice boards as a method of communication – think again. With staffHub you will have a reliable way to distribute staff information.

You can share news, training materials, documents, videos and more.

Opening Team Conversations – Instant messaging to rival WhatsApp.

Staff Hub isn’t just for management communications, either. Staff can instant message colleagues or the whole team. This means that team meetings and alerts can happen virtually. Meaning you’re connected when people are in or out of the venue.

“How do I get started?” I hear you say!

Staff Hub is available now for Office 365 customers with K1, E1, E3 and E5 membership.

Want to find out more? Let us demo it for you! Once you install StaffHub you’ll never go back.

Contact Us to find out more!

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