Cyber Security: Is Your System The Fortress It Ought To Be?

Cyber security – what’s the price of losing data? When a cyber security breach happens, there’s usually a lot of losers. Prevention is fundamental so it’s important to implement ‘lifesaving’ procedures that will protect you from cyber-attacks. How can this be done? Talk to the experts (that’s us).

After our initial audit of your IT systems, we will build a bespoke, comprehensive, and robust IT security solution that will work hard to safeguard the data you hold. As a trusted partner our core objective is to stop the possibility of a cyber-attack happening to your business. We have a wide range of applications and software that work together to build a solid defence; cyber security, firewalls, antivirus, email filtering, secure network, private wi-fi, penetration tests and cyber/ISO certification are just a handful of services we can provide and all within a budget that suits you.

Unfortunately, if your company is at the centre of a cyber-attack the most obvious consequence of failing to secure customer data is losing the trust and confidence of your customers and the damage to your reputation – and it goes without saying the more sensitive the data, the bigger the issue. In this situation the saying “prevention is better than cure” has never been more fitting. A trusted IT partner will ensure that measures are in place to have you covered should you be targeted.

Surely it’s all just scaremongering? Unfortunately not, the GOV.UK Official Statistics – Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2020 revealed the following figures, which make eye-opening reading.

The extent of cyber security threats has not diminished. In fact, this survey, the fifth in the series, shows that cyber-attacks have evolved and become more frequent.

Almost half of businesses (46%) and a quarter of charities (26%) report having cyber security breaches or attacks in the last 12 months. Like previous years, this is higher among medium businesses (68%), large businesses (75%) and high-income charities (57%).

Among this 46% of businesses that identify breaches or attacks, more are experiencing these issues at least once a week in 2020 (32%, vs. 22% in 2017). The nature of cyber-attacks has also changed since 2017. Over this period, there has been, among those identifying any breaches or attacks, a rise in businesses experiencing phishing attacks (from 72% to 86%), and a fall in viruses or other malware (from 33% to 16%).

Every company—small or large—is a target in this digital age. In recent news, London’s Hackney Council was hit by “a serious cyber-attack” which affected its IT systems, whilst persistent cybercriminals exploit COVID-19 with ongoing scam emails. We often hear larger companies that have been targeted in the news, but the reality is cybercriminals will hit any company if they’re vulnerable enough, regardless of size.

The excuse of being underprepared for a cyber incident is running out. Having the basic defences in place, as well as a clear idea of how your processes are tested and how you would act should an incident occur is within everyone’s reach – there’s simply no excuse not to have a strategic cyber-attack disaster and recovery plan in place.

If your business doesn’t current have any cyber security practices in motion and you’ve reached this point of our blog, here’s your next move… speak to us today. Failing to keep your security up to date massively increases the risks to your business. We’ve seen the results of breaches many times before which is why we’re experts in providing the most comprehensive security solutions to help protect, safeguard, and defend your IT networks.

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