CSAT Result for March ’23

CSAT Graphic

Our CSAT results are in for March and quite honestly we’re over the moon with 100% positive feedback.

CSAT is an abbreviation for Customer Satisfaction, it’s a way of asking clients to provide feedback based on their experience and overall satisfaction having raised a support query with us. In March 2023 we achieved 100% positive replies.

We’re a technology business, we provide, manage, support and maintain IT infrastructures for clients across the entire UK. We are also very much a people business and if you look to our website it says People First, Technology Second. How our clients feel about the work we do is every bit as important as any metric you’d choose in a relationship. But we work with and help people, this is the foremost aspect we consider when training our teams.

100% CSAT for a month is exceptional and we’re not under the illusion it will stay this way every month. But it is what we strive for. In the 8 months we’ve been doing CSAT our lowest score was 89.4% and this compares to an industry average of 77% https://www.fullview.io/blog/csat-benchmarks-by-industry so being well above average is a great place to be.

Positive feedback is wonderful, but naturally you learn more from the situations that don’t always go to plan. For this reason any feedback we receive that is less than positive we put a phone call into the person to understand why they scored the way they did and what we could have done in that instance to improve. From a service management perspective https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ITIL CSI (Continual Service Improvement) is a key behavior of any managed service that we strive for and review on a regular basis.

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