BBP Media – Chester IT Company helping local Business crack down on Cyber Crime

A growing Chester IT company is helping even more local businesses to stay safe after European Cybersecurity Month, as more than half of British businesses are targeted by hackers

Each year, authorities throughout Europe aim to raise awareness of cybersecurity threats – and it serves as a valuable reminder for organisations to assess their own digital safety net. Particularly SME’s

In 2019 over 55% of businesses have been targeted with cybercrime, a 15 per cent increase on last year, meaning there has never been a better time to review the security of your company’s data.

Help is at hand from Cirrus Technology Solutions an expanding IT services business based in the heart of Chester, which offers IT products and services for SME’s across Cheshire, north Wales and the North West.

The growing company, which celebrates its five year anniversary this month, has just moved into new bigger offices in Riverside Enterprise Centre and now offers support to more than 40 customers including the hospitality sector, law, accountancy and retail.

Managing director Anito Lauriello says there are a number of ways Cirrus can help firms to prevent online attacks, from educating employees to backing up data regularly.

“Every time a user connects to the internet, your business is potentially exposed to risk. This risk may even be from a legitimate source that has been compromised. The recent LinkedIN attack is a current example that facilitated the spread of malicious content to trusted users. Importantly these threats are increasingly internal and not just from external sites.

We offer advice, procedures and as needed the technology to secure your business with a 360° view : companies really need to educate their employees about the threats and how they spread.

“Most incidents can be prevented through good practice and understanding of the issues and a greater degree of caution on-line”.

“We’ve recently doubled our office space and boosted the technical & operations team; our new members will help to maintain and enhance our excellent standards.”

“As our clients will testify, we are proof that you can rapidly grow a business while maintaining first-class customer service.

“I started Cirrus with an ambitious growth strategy which is being realised. We are so proud of what we have achieved in the past five years but this is just the beginning.”

“Our clients range from £30m businesses to organisations with five people: all our services can be tailored to meet your needs. As our clients will testify, we are proof that you can rapidly grow a business while maintaining first-class customer service.”

To see how a Risk Intelligence Scan could benefit your business, no matter what size, contact Cirrus Technology Solutions today by emailing [email protected] or call one of our specialist team on 03303 130 966.

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