You’ve got 99 problems, but your Wi-Fi aint one?…

Who are you going to call?

…That’s what we hope you’ll say once we’ve fixed the problem.

Wi-Fi will work and can work! It’s just about getting the right capacity in your venue!

We know that you’ve attempted several speed tests and Google searches to try and find out why your Wi-Fi is so slow or runs with a lag, especially when it’s busy. But speed isn’t the issue…

You need more Wi-Fi capacity! But, what does this mean?

Think of Wi-Fi capacity like a speaker.  Place the speaker in the corner of an empty silent room.  Whatever level you choose you can hear that speaker.  As more people come into the room you need to turn the speaker up in order to hear it but at some point you’ll have too many people, creating too much noise to hear the speaker.  You’ll also find the closer you are to the speaker the better chance you have of hearing it.  Move the speaker to different areas of the room and different people can hear the music.

That one speaker can fill the room with music, but can it fill a full room with music.  Coverage vs Capacity.

You need to think of broadcasting your Wi-Fi in the same way. The solution to the problem would be to install more speakers? Right?

If this sounds like your problem? Let’s have a coffee and a chat.

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