VOIP Analytics

VOIP Analyrics

Data is powerful it provides insight, knowledge and factual information about what’s going on in your business and with your customers. The true value however lies in interpreting the data for improvement purposes.

Say hello to VOIP Analytics, analytical data for your phone system and call centre. Your probably utilise Analytics routinely through your website and use the data generated to help improve, track and guide your marketing activities. VOIP analytics is a focus on your inbound/outbound call system.

It provides you with crucial information relating to how many calls, busy periods, ring length, abandoned calls, call durations, call routing, automated messages and more.

VOIP Analytics

Organise Your Team and their Access

Access to the platform is via a URL, no additional licenses or application software is needed. Better still you can assign levels of access to match your organisation.

Many organisations choose to have a display screen showing current stats and information. You can do this with VOIP Analytics too and customise the view to show exactly what’s needed.

Data and Big Organisations

Big Business routinely uses Big Data. Don’t be fooled into thinking it’s out of reach for your business. It comes in many shapes and sizes but the intention is the same. Improve service, grow your business.

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