Strategic Review of your IT?


In need of a Strategic Review of Your IT?

Generally speaking it’s better to have a plan than not to.  Your IT certainly falls into this category and having a clear plan of what you need to achieve, probably linked to business goals, would be a very sensible idea.  But do you have a plan?  Would you benefit from help creating one?  Perhaps a Strategic review of your IT and some fresh thinking would be useful.

Most of the posts we write are about how we as a business can help your business.  This post is slightly different as it’s a little more about me, my background, my experience and how I can help you address the more fundamental parts of your IT.  Help with the general direction of travel or, as happened this week, help with a plan for disaster recovery.

My name is Anito Lauriello.  I’ve worked in IT for over 30 years and it’s the only business I’ve been in.  In that time I’ve done everything from build PC’s planned large scale transformations, developed and delivered multi-million £ projects and built consulting teams across the globe.  The point to this is that the technology is fine, it’s one element.  But success also needs experience, consideration but importantly a plan.  Is it time for you to LookUp and make a plan?

  • Common example for clients these days is the question of the cloud.  What is it, how do I benefit from it, is it right, is it affordable?
  • Other topics include help with a disaster recovery plan
  • What to do with or about aging systems
  • Dealing with the many suppliers

The days of IT just being something you use are gone.  Think about phones, e-mail, internet, applications, cctv, website, social media.  How would your business survive if any of these became unavailable for lets say 24 hours.  Would you be left sating into a hole or able to get your head up and know exactly what to expect?  IT is ingrained into our lives, our work and your business and for many it’s time to start thinking of it this way.

If like most companies the sheer size and scale of your systems are increasing them maybe it’s time for a Strategic Review of your IT.  You may just need a sounding board, perhaps a proposal is on the table and you’d like an independent view?  Maybe your in a constant state of firefighting and need someone to help see through the haze?  Perhaps you know you need to improve or change a specific element?

Coffee & Chat

30 years is a long time.  It’s also a vast amount of experience that you may benefit from?

Coffee.  I find coffee and an open chat the best place and way to start so please get in touch or call on 03303 130966

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