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E-mail Protection with SpamTitan

With the rise in on-line working on a global level and with more sophisticated techniques at their disposal, cyber-criminals are increasingly targeting email as the vehicle for phishing and malware attacks.

The use of and statistics for e-mail are eye watering

  • The average office worker receives 121 messages each day
  • There are 5.59 billion active e-mail accounts globally
  • In 2020 over 300billion messages were sent daily
  • Spam or Phishing attacks represent 46% of this total
  • Employees spend 16% of their day looking at e-mail

With this sheer volume of mail it’s impossible to manually manage threats & business need to look toward automated systems for filtering and scanning messages with unwanted content.  SpamTitan provides such an automated response blocking messages from unwanted senders, that contain viruses or phishing.  Users can also manage their trusted senders to ensure delivery at all times.

Our portfolio of services for security & compliance includes SpamTitan & ArcTitan both from TitanHQ. 


SpamTtan is an award winning mail system that checks and cleans all messages inc viruses and blocks them from delivery to your systems

We offer an email protection solution that utilizes an array of anti-phishing tools such as antivirus scanning, heuristic analysis, DMARC authentication and sandboxing, to block all emails containing infected attachments and malicious links from entering your network.

The solution checks every URL in an email against known blacklists – with 100% active web coverage. The sophisticated sandboxing feature analyses incoming mail in an isolated environment to inspect for unknown or suspicious programs and files – if any are found the email will not be delivered to your server.

The solution also includes spam filtering – with a 99.99% catch rate – that blocks junk email, increasing staff productivity by drastically reducing time spent on dealing with endless reams of unwanted emails.

And finally, for on premise mail servers there is also the ability to scan outbound emails for any malware or spam that may be inadvertently sent from inside your own organization. This ensures no malicious emails leave your organization, preventing any reputational damage or your IP from being blacklisted.


ArcTitan is the instant archive of all mail records stored in the cloud and accessible from anywhere

These two solutions form part of our portfolio of services for security and compliance

Both services can be added independently, seamless to the organisation with no interruptions or downtown.  Provided as a service we offer both subscription or site based model depending the size of your organisation.  There are no limits for amount of mail scanned, quota’s or hidden fees

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