I.T Novice? Beginners Guide to SharePoint and One Drive

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I.T. sometimes seems really complicated – and it can be if you’re not sure how to go about it. It’s like the cloud. If you don’t know what this is – it can sound scary and complicated. In this short blog, we’ll go over how SharePoint and One Drive cloud solution can transform your business.

What is the Cloud?

The Cloud is IT infrastructure and software that’s connected to the Internet. This allows us to access our IT from anywhere.   With Office 365, your files and apps are accessible in a public (but very secure) cloud. And you can collaborate with teammates anywhere.

The Microsoft platforms that make this possible are called OneDrive and SharePoint.

ONEDRIVE CLOUD STORAGE? What is it? Why do I need it?

OneDrive is the cloud-based file storage system that comes with Office 365. In the simplest terms, OneDrive gives you:

  • FILE STORAGE – safe & secure space on a remote server run by Microsoft. This means reduced costs and easily accessible files.
  • EASY ACCESS TO FILES – a OneDrive app will sync your files between your PC or other devices, and the cloud. This removes the hassle and ball ache when it comes to saving files into a drive. You’ll be able to access files from any other device, whether in the office or working remotely.
  • DATA SECURITY –  the Azure cloud platform that OneDrive is built on, means that you are safe and secure, as standard.

ONEDRIVE!! One Vision to change the way you work!

If you are a small business, you really don’t need to worry about an impressive server. With Office 365, Microsoft manages your files and data security for you. This means you don’t need to spend a lot on buying, managing and upgrading servers. Instead you can spend a smaller monthly amount on a service that’s always up to date.

If you are an entrepreneur and need to access your files on the go, without the worry of losing everything if your laptop dies, then One Drive can help with a stress free working life.  There are OneDrive apps for PC, Mac, and mobile. So, instead of having to be in the office to open files on your own server, you can sign into OneDrive (or Office 365 apps) and work on them anywhere. You can also email your files from anywhere.

Running your business properly and within regulation isn’t easy. One Drive helps your business comply with data regulations –  Microsoft’s cloud already meets stringent EU standards. The UK and US governments even use it.


SharePoint is the bridge between your OneDrive files and your Office 365 apps (e.g. Word, Excel, and PowerPoint).

SharePoint lets multiple members of your team collaborate on the same file, in different locations.

Let’s try an example. Anito and Lee are writing a Word doc together in separate offices.

SharePoint help Lee and Anito work together:

  • One file can be opened by two users, instead of opening separate versions of the same file. Which means they can manage version control and operate more efficiently.
  • SharePoint synchronises their work, so they can see each other type and share comments in real time
  • When finished, Lee and Anito save one version of the file and email it to their boss
  • When their boss wants to add comments to the doc, he can access that one centralised version too. In other words, everyone always has the latest version of every file.

As you can see, collaborating and file sharing are a lot more flexible and efficient with SharePoint.

There’s more…

…Searching for documents across a business can be tricky and normally ends up in duplicated work. With eDiscovery, it is easier to search and find content across your entire business.

There are also other tools such as Microsoft Planner – we use this at Think Cirrus and highly recommend it. Microsoft Planner is a project management tool that has been developed by Microsoft and comes as part of SharePoint suite.

SharePoint also has the facility to develop an internal communications platform such as an intranet – even greater Manchester Police use it to communicate.   You can develop SharePoint to create and collaborate blogs, intranet sites, and more

Why do it yourself! Focus on your business and let us sort it out!

We know that you have your own business to run – but you needed to have some background knowledge, so you feel like you’re in the know. However, there is always plenty more questions you can ask.  Don’t be afraid – we’ll even meet you for a coffee and some cake if you’re in the local area, with no obligation.

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