Serverless is a Greener way for your Business

Serverless is a Greener way for your Business

Serverless architecture provides companies with a way to manage services and applications without needing to handle server infrastructure. Contrary to popular belief, serverless architecture does not mean there are absolutely no servers. Instead, serverless architecture means that you are no longer responsible for managing the infrastructure. Rather, the responsibility of managing the infrastructure falls on the providers of the cloud. Serverless options allow companies to focus more on achieving their business goals and product development.

Advantages of Going Serverless

There are many advantages of serverless computing. Serverless applications offer many advantages for the workflow and application development.

Lower costs

One of the main advantages of serverless architecture is lower costs. With serverless, you are only responsible for paying for the services and storage that you actually use. You will not have to pay anything when your services are not being used and there will be no hardware costs. Reduced cost is one of the main benefits of going serverless. If the services aren’t being used 24/7, this will allow you to utilize resources optimally.

Fewer things to worry about

Another advantage is that you will have fewer things to worry about. You won’t have to think about whether your systems are up-to-date in terms of security. The reason for this is that having Cirrus as your service provider, we will be responsible for managing your servers. Accordingly, we will be the most concerned with keeping up with bug fixes and patches.

Is serverless really GREEN?

Serverless is a Greener way for your Business

Serverless is a Greener way for your Business. A typical server operates around 15% of its computing capacity while consuming a lot of power. On the other hand, in an instance where applications are run using physical hardware, you still have to run the servers and utilize resources regardless of whether an application is processing or not.

Reducing Climate Impact

The increase of cloud usage and it’s improvements in maintaining energy efficiency have resulted in favor of the climate impact of traditional data centers due to lesser carbon emission

Is going serverless the future for the business world?

According to RightScale’s 2018 State of the Cloud report, serverless is the fastest-growing cloud service model right now, with an annual growth rate of 75%.

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