Risk Intelligence Scan & Analytics – Are you compliant?

Protect your business from a Cyber Attack

Cirrus Risk Intelligence Scan will allow you to take proactive measures against threats to your business.

Risk Intelligence Scan & Analytics – Are you compliant?

Why should your systems be scanned ?

So, lets ask you a question…… Do you know how safe your company systems really are?

We ran a Risk Intelligence scan on a Company who had asked us to go and review their current systems and IT. one of the questions they asked us, was to check how secure their systems were and whether  there were any risks to them or their customers data.

As you can imagine, the results were quite alarming to the customer and we ask you again……… How Confident are you?

Cyber Attacks are growing and becoming more expensive.

According to the latest IBM report, the average cost of a data breach in the UK rose by 8% over the past year to reach nearly £2.7m.

IBM claimed that firms able to contain a breach in under 30 days managed to save over £755,000 compared to those who that took more than 30 days.

While malicious outsiders caused half of all breaches, organizations should be aware that human error (26%) and system glitches (24%) were responsible for the other half. Although the latter two types of breach were quicker to spot, with better staff training and IT monitoring they remain highly preventable.

Protect your MOST valuable assets: Your Information and your CUSTOMERS!

The costs a data breach can be massive and can come from many directions including:
– Damage to your reputation and brand.
– Unexpected loss of customers.
– Compliance fines.

– System downtime.
– Ransomware.
– Lawsuits.


Now, here’s the shocking truth: In the latest PCI DSS Compliance Report conducted by Verizon, none of the companies it had investigated in ten years had been fully PCI DSS compliant at the time they were breached.

Wondering about where you stand?

Locate Security Holes in Your Systems

These days, hackers have more tricks up their sleeves than ever before. Whether it’s phishing emails, drive-by downloads, or old-fashioned malware, malicious attackers have a lot of options to try to exploit a company’s IT security. Our Risk Intelligence scans systems not only for unsecured data, but for any potential vulnerabilities that an outside party might try to exploit.

Do you have any issues or concerns about risk, security, GDPR, PCI/DSS?

Risk Intelligence Scan & Analytics – Are you compliant?

Our Risk Intelligence Scan service can check through your devices and provide a detailed report of what’s good, bad and risky in your environment.

  1. We can scan for security vulnerabilities in your OS
  2. Compliance for PCI DSS and credit card details
  3. Security of your files and folders
  4. Scan of perimeter systems and internet connections
  5. Unpatched software: The Risk Intelligence scan will discover unpatched software across your networks, protecting you from threats.
  6. E-mail:  Risk Intelligence also scans Outlook files for known vulnerabilities and threats.
    Mac and Windows operating systems vulnerabilities: The Cirrus Risk Intelligence scan covers all known malware threats registered with the CVSS database and runs on Mac, Windows, and Linux..
  7. Threats from VPN connections: Configure scans to automatically run when a new or unknown device connects to your network.

Risk & Compliance Checka

Get Your  Risk Intelligence Profile set up with Cirrus Technology Solutions.
Be Up and Running Quickly
The costs of a data breach can be debilitating. It can lead to lost intellectual property, regulatory issues, or even bad press.
Cirrus Risk Intelligence gives you a financial amount on the liability a business faces in the event of a data breach.

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