Prepare your phone lines for the bad weather


Prepare your phone lines for the bad weather.

With Christmas just around the corner and some cold and frosty days ahead, forecasts of plummeting temperatures and snow, we really have to think of our communication lines, mostly your company’s telephony. Prepare your phone lines for the bad weather

We already know that British weather can be unpredictable and it can present some challenges to businesses, but there are ways to prevent a broken phone line. The best way to keep your phone lines ringing no matter the weather is to use a cloud-based robust phone system (VOIP)

In 2013 a week of bad weather was estimated to cost the UK over £318 million in lost productivity because businesses didn’t have continuity plans put in place.

Why would a hosted phone system help your business during bad weather?

  • It’s cloud-based so it won’t be affected by weather conditions.
  • Employees can access their phone services from anywhere, on any device.
  • It gives you complete flexibility and scalability.
  • It is easy to use, it’s simple.
  • Hosted phone systems are more reliable than legacy PBX systems and cheaper.
Prepare your phone lines for the bad weather

So, if bad weather hits, you can continue your activity uninterrupted with the help of a cloud-based phone system (VOIP). Your employees can answer their calls from the comfort of their homes.

Also, we know that home-working frees up time for more productive activities and administrators can configure and manage the system in real-time from any location.

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