Is Outsourcing IT Right For Your Business?

Is Outsourcing IT Right For Your Business?

While outsourcing IT services and support can have many benefits including cost savings, there are a few questions you need to ask:

  • Can you find a reliable IT provider you can trust with your business data?
  • Will costs be lower than what your paying for now?
  • Will the outsourcing costs be lower than hiring in-house IT staff?

Essentially, the biggest question here is whether outsourcing IT is the right choice for you.  But like most decisions there is always trade off so the decision will come down to an acceptable balance or in some cases a small number of overriding priorities.

As your business scales, the complexities and challenges also grow.  This might be a factor in your decision making process and as an IT director the priorities will also be around managing risk.  A topic that is extremely subjective

The bottom line is some companies will prefer to remain in house, others will outsource.  So lets take a look at a few considerations

  • Availability

Your IT provider will have resources available to match your business hours.  No need to consider holiday, sick leave or unsociable hours.

Can you afford to wait for critical issues to be resolved?.  

  • Expertise

The right provider will bring with them a range of skills and tools used to manage your IT. The provider will develop the individuals. They will also expand and keep pace with the latest technologies and tools as an ongoing cycle of improvement.  Where specialists are needed for short term or tactical activities they will also have access to these resources for you, managing the process for you.

A good IT engineer may have skills in more than one area, but you can’t expect a single person to be experienced in all aspects and to a high standard.  The skills are also broader than technical as planning and communication are key skills.

Do you want this headache or would you prefer a partner to take the challenge?

  • Simplicity

Internet, website, printing, PC’s, networks, security and many others technical components. Phrases like it’s complicated, I don’t know who does what and it’s not me are, sadly, phrases that technology providers use frequently.  A Managed partner will take ownership of all aspects of technology, centralise requests and manage everything in a single place.

One partner, one place for your questions and answers.

  • Partnership

We are here, to support you. Providing expertise and thought leadership. Don’t face IT challenges, let them help you achieve it. Working with the right partner you’ll get ongoing advice and a partner that absorbs your ethos, understands your challenges and can help manage your business. The right partner should be your IT Director.

Is Outsourcing IT Right For Your Business?
Is Outsourcing IT Right For Your Business?

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