Outsource your IT Team

Outsource of your IT

We’re looking to speak to companies considering the outsource of their IT Function. More specifically companies with an existing IT team but facing the challenge of scaling this with efficiencies through outsource.

I’m going to assume if you are still reading this it’s a topic of interest and will try to highlight some of the benefits to this approach.

Like all choices in business there are trade off’s but for the purpose of this we’ll focus on the upsides. And I want to start with a big one. Cost. Depending on specifics our outsource model could save you 30-50% on your current people costs and move you to a more qualitative model, based on your current size, but scalable as you continue to grow. If you are a business that operates beyond 9-5 Monday-Friday these saving are certainly closer to the 50% range.

So it’s worth us talking about some of these considerations:

  • Do you need in person, in the next hour kind of support or can most of the work be done remotely with with a trained technician? We can still visit for urgent
  • Does your business operate outside Mon-Fri 9-5?
  • A cost model that’s fixed but scalable with your growth
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