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Work does not solely revolve around the office and being away does not have to mean out of the office.  We only have to look round on the train, coffee shop or parks to see people are literally taking their office on the move. Welcome to Office Mobile Apps

 So its great to see that Microsoft have Office Mobile for all platforms, the mobile versions of many Office applications including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and of course Outlook are, available for devices running iOS, Android, Windows Mobile and Chrome OS.

All that’s required is a Microsoft Account.

The apps available are the most commonly-used; Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneDrive, OneNote and Outlook. 

Office Mobile Apps

(They’re not quite full features but pack plenty of functionality for use while you are on the move) While there are some features that are not available on the mobile versions of the software yet, there are some brilliant advantages to using the mobile suite, excluding the fact that we can now work on a sunny day from the comfort of the local park!

 Here are some of the other key features:

• Lightweight mobile apps compatible with a wide variety of phones and tablets.

• Work anywhere, anytime.

• Access important documents on-the-go, no need to carry paper copies.

• Store documents on your mobile device when you have no internet connection.

• Store documents and files in the cloud using OneDrive or your  SharePoint

• Store and retrieve files on other cloud storage services such as Dropbox or Google Drive

• Send links and collaborate online with colleagues.

• Share files directly from the app via email or installed apps such as WhatsApp or Teams

• Keep apps up-to-date from the App Store or Google Play.

Another cool feature in the mobile excel app is you can now take a photo of a table and will show up as data in a spreadsheet in the App- Now that’s clever eh?

With increasing usage of mobile devices for remote working, you can be sure that the essential features of Office are available wherever you are, by installing these mobile apps on your device.

So we guess the only other thing left to say is……… How do we order an Icecream from the app too ?

More information is available at the Microsoft Site here

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