HOSTING: Cloud, dedicated server or both?

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The choice of cloud hosting vs dedicated server has become an eternal topic of discussion. There are hundreds of forums, discussion boards and blogs on the Internet that are discussing this at length; most of them one-sided, obviously in favour of the cloud. But let’s see what the deal is…


…Having a dedicated server can be costly, bulky and expensive in comparison to cloud hosting which is a cost effective and easier alternative.  However, this depends upon the requirements of your business. Think about access, skill set, time, location and space, oh and money.


We all know that cash flow can be a sore point, and so with dedicated servers come capital expenditure, whereas, cloud servers will automatically feel lighter on the purse strings, in the form of monthly operational expenditure.


There are many types of cloud and traditional dedicated hosting solutions available. Both cloud and dedicated server hosting have unique features and benefits. There might even be an appetite for a hybrid approach which means you’ll use both.

The correct match between technology and business objectives is critical to working effectively and productively.


Dedicated Server

A dedicated server is a physical server that is purchased or rented entirely for your own business needs. Having a dedicated server is also quite a traditional model, and although it may have been the only option 8-10 years ago, in today’s modern information technological environment – it’s not the only option.

Cloud Hosting 

If you need to optimise I.T. performance without the huge costs associated with purchasing and managing a fully dedicated infrastructure, cloud servers are a great option. Many small and mid-sized businesses, and those with variable demands and workloads, find that cloud servers meet their needs effectively, as well as a hybrid solution.

Cloud servers can be configured to provide levels of performance, security and control similar to those of a dedicated server. But instead of being hosted on physical hardware, they reside on a shared environment that’s managed by your cloud hosting provider. You benefit from the economies of scale of sharing hardware with other customers.

With cloud servers, you only pay for the exact amount of server space used, and have the benefit of infinite flexibility. You can scale resources up or down depending on demand, and avoid paying for idle infrastructure costs when demand is low.

Cloud hosting seems an obvious choice for most hosting requirements. Sharing the resources of many servers, it offers a dynamic and highly scalable form of hosting that will grow with your business. The cloud offers the ideal hosting solution for many businesses, offering high resilience and flexibility.

Hybrid Server Solution  

Sometimes, using one or the other just isn’t an option. Because of business complexities you can also have the option and the benefits from both hosting solutions, by combining cloud and dedicated servers to create a bespoke hybrid solution.

Whether you choose public or private cloud, dedicated servers or a hybrid hosting solution, you can rest assured that with us you will benefit from increased performance, speed and support.

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