Hospitality – Improving the Guest Experience

Hospitality perhaps more than any other industry has been hit hard by the pandemic. Whether that’s local pubs, independent restaurants, well-known chains, music venues or theatres, everyone has felt the pinch.

Finally, a little relief arrived last week with the re-opening of outside spaces, drive-in events and even outdoor music. Hooray. From the personal experiences of the Cirrus Technology Solutions team, feedback from our clients and media coverage, it looks like a majority of guests were mindful and respectful of the difficulties that the pandemic have bought about. And more importantly, keen to support an industry that has faced much in the last 12 months.

Whatever your choice of ‘hospitality’ it was a joy to be able to experience some sort of normality. Whether it was meeting friends to enjoy a glass of wine or a pint (Cirrus Technology Solutions MD, may have had a pint of Guinness or two), an outdoor meal, or perhaps like our Client Relationship Manager, enjoying some live music in a pub garden. There was most certainly a vibe and buzz, that was tempered in general, with understanding.

So what happens when the ‘novelty’ of normality wears thin (if it ever does)? Or when the whole of the industry returns to opening in May (fingers crossed)? How can hospitality ensure that the recovery is long term and not just a boom?

Top of the list may be enhancing the guest experience. From updating the look and feel of your venue to special offers, from an inspired menu to technology, many things contribute to the experience of your guests.

Technology may not be the ‘go to’ idea when thinking about guest experience but these days it is an important factor. Fast, reliable wi-fi, audio/visual systems, ePos/tills, kitchen printers, CCTV, the list is ever growing.

Providing these services can be a headache. Multiple suppliers, invoices, expense, staff training, apps for ordering, websites and more are all a factors to be considered.  They key is to make it as straightforward as possible for guests and employees alike.

Vin Santo Outside Dining

Finding a specialist technology partner who can provide you with everything you need for your venue, from email to CCTV, audio/visual systems to tills, can make the technology journey smoother.

But beware, whilst technology is the outcome, selecting your partner should focus on people. Does the partner understand your business and your guest experience? Or what your staff need to operate at full capacity?  Without that understanding, the technology is ineffective.

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