Amazing guest experiences start with amazing IT support!

Amazing guest experiences start with amazing IT support!

Hospitality bookings, rates and sales are up – but are your IT resources expanding as fast as the operations they’re intended to support?

IT support

If your enterprise is growing, so are your IT headaches. There’s an overwhelming stream of data and applications, networking and connectivity challenges you need to manage and secure, not just to support basic business functions but provide the kind of unique experiences your guests demand.

That means keeping your real world assets primed for any event, but also your branded digital assets, like critical online booking and CRM apps, operating at peak performance so they’re available and responsive to you and your guests 24/7 across all platforms.

Registration, payment, and collecting guest data all require I.T. infrastructure. Guests themselves are accustomed to connectivity and technologies that may have been luxuries just a few years ago but have now become expected.

Peace of mind

Since hospitality organizations handle a lot of financial transactions, an ever-increasing number of which occur online, I.T. security is a big concern. You need to be assured that the financial information your customers have trusted you with is safe. Whether it is simply being stored in records on your servers, or the processing of credit card information

Matters of security affect not only your networks, servers, and cloud systems, but also data that is handled on the go.

An increasing (and still growing) proportion of customer transactions are taking place on mobile devices. It is imperative that your networks be impossible to access, assuring peace of mind to both you and the guests who have entrusted their personal data to your safe-keeping.

With Cirrus proactively managing every part of your IT, you’ll get highly stable and reliable IT performance across all your physical locations and digital channels. Whatever’s on your agenda, Cirrus can help, acting as your single source provider for all things IT. We can also be the Managed partner to your in-house team.

We can help you develop a secure and scalable IT footprint that grow with your operations over time, providing controlled and predictable technology costs.

As a hotel, restaurant, or bar you can count on Cirrus to :

  • Eliminating the need to deal with day-to-day technology issues
  • Communicating with other service providers, like Opentable and Zonal to deal with issues on your behalf and get them resolved efficiently on your behalf – Cirrus will manage all that for you
  • Proactively preventing I.T. troubles before they occur
  • Consistently communicating even the most technical processes in an understandable, relatable manner
  • Listening to the challenges you face and developing a technology strategy that addresses them
  • Providing solutions that enhance operations at every level of your organization
  • Giving you the peace of mind to know that your networks and data are secure
  • Focusing on I.T. issues so you can focus on running your business

Most importantly, at Cirrus Technology Solutions, we put people before technology. Everything we do, every service we offer, is a reflection of our “People First, Technology Second 2philosophy.

Because while we love technology, we also understand that I.T. is only useful in as much as it serves to empower people and enhance the work they do. Work that, in turn, should facilitate growth, spur innovation, increase opportunity, and open up new paths to success.

Amazing guest experiences start with amazing IT support!

So in a nutshell, with Cirrus at your service, you get secure, reliable, user-enabling IT, you don’t have to think about.

Allowing you to focus on providing the kind of “wow” experiences and service levels that win repeat guest loyalty, attract top talent, and build your brand visibility far and wide.

Amazing guest experiences start with amazing IT support!

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