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The GDPR deadline is nearly here and it seems to be the responsibility of Marketing and IT agencies to educate the masses about GDPR and what they need to do in order to prepare for compliance when the law changes.


This post explores what we’ll be doing at Think Cirrus HQ to help bring our clients significantly closer to being fully compliant before the regulation is introduced on the 25th May.


As you’ve probably heard the new legislation introduces tougher fines for non-compliance and rumour has it that SMEs will be specifically targeted by these spot-checks because they often ignore this type of legislation.


Any business that has customers is affected so there is still time left we’re encouraging all business owners to  get their head around the regulations now, before it’s too late!
You may be aware that data security plays a prominent role in the new GDPR regulation. In comparison to the current Data Protection Act the new regulations follow a stricter set of rules for businesses in relation to security however the requirements from an IT perspective are fairly simple.


To give our clients a little peace of mind our technician’s will be focussing on the following five key areas to ensure customers are on the right track to compliance.

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Those areas being:

1. Firewalls

2. Secure Configuration

3. User Access Control

4. Malware Protection

5. Patch Management

Most businesses should have all of these key elements put in place as part of general good business practice.


For our technician’s, it’s a case of reviewing what measures are in place for our customer base, documenting them and reviewing regularly to ensure everything’s working correctly and running efficiently.


If you’re concerned about your compliance plans or want to learn more about the measures your organisation should be putting in place before the regulation is enforced then please get in touch 

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