Everyone’s an expert. Right?

Everyone's an expert
Cybercrime – experts – practical advise

Everyone’s an expert, right? No?  OK, how about everything you read is fact?

I’m guessing you’d never agree with either of those statements.  So what If said something like everyone has an opinion? – Happy with that?

I’m guessing you are and for sure there’s a few tag lines that spring to mind in the process for good humour too

Had I  started this with a more factual opening such as  We’re not all experts and we can’t always be right  this would be a boring and pointless post.  Facts need only a few words but sadly #BS needs much more substance to misdirect you, make you feel inferior, plant seeds of doubt, create fear and make you feel confused and desperate
  1. Facts are presented concisely.
  2. Facts are presented in a way that everyone can understand
  3. Stating facts takes only a few seconds
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