Thinking about changing I.T. provider? Common themes explored!

Think Cirrus/New Year/New Change

1. You don’t want to sign a long-term agreement…

“Our current IT services contract is up for renewal, but we don’t want to agree to another long-term contract. The service hasn’t been great recently, so we’re a bit reluctant to sign up for another year”.

… Well, you don’t have to!

We retain long-term working relationships with our clients, but we don’t tie any of them into 12-month service contracts. The first 3 months of service is subject to a one-month termination period, with a 3-month rolling notice period applied thereafter.

2. You receive poor customer service.

“Our current IT company keep missing their SLA, they never return our calls and we have to chase them to fix our IT problems!”

It’s all about time and resource management

Service level shortfalls can occur when a help desk team is overworked, understaffed, or both.  It’s also possible that the engineer/s that had the most knowledge about your network has left the company. We don’t cut corners, we’ll manage your priority, your network and your conundrum within the service level agreement expected.


3. Can our IT company to tell us about a problem before it becomes business critical?

“We’re fed up with telling our I.T. company about a problem that is affecting us. It took hours for our existing IT company to start looking into a business-critical network problem. No one in the company could work until the problem was fixed. The downtime literally cost our business thousands of pounds in lost revenue”.

We’ll alert you to possible business critical problems, before they arise.

As part of our monthly managed support, we offer Proactive monitoring. This means we’ll know about an issue before you do. We’ll try and fix the problem before it affects your business. And if we can’t we’ll endeavour to tell you with time to prepare and manage your business-critical functions.

4. We can’t get 24/7 IT Support.

“Our existing IT company doesn’t provide support outside traditional business operating hours”. 

Our engineers never sleep.

Well, sort of… Our UK-based team provides telephone and remote IT support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This additional service is used by clients that work outside of standard business operating hours, or have staff working from global satellite offices that operate in different time zones.

5. Our IT company lacks Apple Mac knowledge.

“Our existing IT company does a great job supporting our Windows PCs, but they really struggle with Mac problems”.

An Apple a day keeps the Windows away!

Our techie engineers are just that, technically educated. Which means they can support Mac users and troubleshooting Apple technologies, from mobile devices to Macs. In fact, a large number of our existing clients use Windows and Mac technologies in a cross-platform environment. Because not everyone is a Windows user and we understand that.


6. Too much small print, not enough support.

“We’re constantly being told that numerous software applications and devices are ‘not covered in our support contract’. I’ve checked the small print and it’s full of exclusions!”

We’ve banned the small print.

Our service desk team will endeavour to assist you with ANY IT related problems, including issues with common 3rd party applications. As a small business, we also hate small print, which is why you won’t find any in our IT support services agreement.

We find that the businesses who don’t lock you into a contract provide better support, anyway – but that’s just our opinion.


7. Expensive and lengthy quotations are painful

“We received a quotation recently for £19,000. We didn’t know what it was for and we didn’t have time or the inclination to decipher what we were getting for our money.”

Simple itemised quotations that are easy to understand.

Our team put quotations together that are itemised so you know exactly what to expect, from monthly support, to licenses and any extras you might need. It’s all there no hidden charges and no extra charges for call outs. We don’t have a call out charge as it’s included in the support we provide.


Let us take care of your IT, so you don’t have to.

Contact us for a no-obligation quote today.

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