Cyber Security: What Is The Biggest Risk To The Growth Of Your Business?

Cyber security – how protected is your business? 

Here’s a question for you… 

Cyber security – how protected is your business? 

The chances are that this isn’t at the forefront of your mind unless you’ve recently had a near miss or worse, and it’s quite likely that your answer is “not sure” or perhaps even “not at all”. We’re not in the scaremongering business, we don’t need to be, data loss, virus outbreaks, stolen personal information and hackers should be more than enough to motivate you into reviewing your IT systems. The purpose of this blog is to really assist you in looking at the big picture and to ensure that your business is adequately supported to achieve its growth objectives from the perspective of one of the (if not the most) crucial systems that underpins your everyday activities. 

Let’s get straight to the point – you’re operating a successful business; trading has increased, customer satisfaction has gone through the roof and you’ve decided that now is the time to expand your business to multiple locations, meaning your IT networks need to grow to support your additional capacity.  

Do you know where to start? If they answer is “yes” – great, but do you REALLY understand how to leverage your business whilst ensuring it’s safe and secure from a systems point of view? To protect your business online whilst maintaining PCI compliance? Do you know how easy it is for your business to become a victim of cybercrime? When was the last time you received a dodgy-looking email asking you to click the link? This morning perhaps – are we right? That email isn’t just spam, it could be riddled with malware, viruses, and hacking software all of which would ruin your business financially, destroy your reputation and potentially shut you down.  

If you’ve not heard of an IT audit before, the purpose of one is to examine and evaluate your internal IT systems, policies and processes (don’t worry we won’t go into full tech talk – we know it’s boring). The objective of the audit it is to find any areas within your systems that need support, whether that’s in security, PCI compliance or system set up and management. We don’t simply examine the tech – we make it our mission to get to know your business and your objectives so that we can ensure your systems are fit for purpose to grow with you. An audit is essential if you’re thinking of making the leap to open up more premises, with more users and more devices as you’re presenting an even larger playing field for cyber security threats if not managed correctly. 

We don’t expect you to know anything about IT – we understand that’s not your fort. But don’t cast IT considerations aside because you don’t have the knowledge, it’s important that you undergo annual audits. Afterall, why put blood, sweat and tears into your business for it to be poorly maintained behind the scenes, and worse yet, risk being held hostage by a digital thief.   

Treat your business to one of the most crucial health checks – book your FREE IT audit today without any obligation. Get in touch with our IT experts and see how we can improve your business’s IT. 

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