The ‘Big 6’ – What the Business Owners Didn’t Consider.

It’s safe to say there has been a huge reaction to yesterday’s announcement that the ‘Big 6’ English football clubs have signed letters of intent to create a ‘Super League’ along with Spanish and Italian clubs. The fallout has been pretty conclusive. Words such as greed, betrayal and even ‘criminal’ have been used by many.

Despite a few murmurs of support the negative reaction is far greater. Perhaps the idea of a ‘Super League’ is not so bad in essence, perhaps the governing bodies will finally do something to crack down on the super rich clubs trying to monopolise a sport with millions of fans and participants across the world. Who knows only time will tell. What is already clear is that a swift decision needs to be taken.

But there are lessons to be learned that go well beyond the world of football.

Whatever the motivations of the clubs involved (money is presumably at the root) they like many other businesses have forgotten or perhaps chosen to ignore something essential. People.

At Cirrus Technology Solutions we put people first. Your people. The biggest asset your business has.  Many organisations concentrate on the ‘product’, revenue, technology, the processes, just like the ‘Big 6’. The ‘fans’, the club’s people have been forgotten. Don’t make the same mistake when implementing new technology. Consider the impact and needs of your people, employees and clients. Make sure they are central to any major changes and more importantly included in the decision making process.

It is clear from the reaction from fans, employees (managers and players alike) that if you don’t look after them, eventually you will lose them. After all without clients, customers or ‘fans’ much of the value of what your business delivers disappears

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