Outsourced IT: 5 Benefits

Outsourced IT – do you know what the benefits are? No? This blog is for you.

Are you currently managing your IT in-house? Perhaps it started as a bolt on to an employee’s main job role and has grown to a point where you’re now considering recruiting for it? Maybe it’s a function that simply gets looked at on an adhoc basis whenever a problem arises? Whatever your current set up, it’s definitely worth considering the benefits of outsourcing your IT through a managed service provider. We know your time is precious, so we are going to make this quick – here’s the top 5 benefits of outsourcing your IT. READY? LET’S GO! 

  1. Managed IT costs and savings 

One of the most significant benefits of outsourcing IT is that it can actually save you £££. That’s right cold hard cash! Outsourcing converts fixed IT costs into variable ones, which allows you to budget effectively. What this means is that you only ever pay for the IT services you need, when you need them. Furthermore, in-house IT teams can be expensive to hire, train and manage, especially if some of your employees are temporary. Outsourcing your IT allows you to focus your human resources where you need them most. 

  1. Qualified doesn’t always mean experienced 

If you’re not an expert in IT yourself, how do you know if an employee really is? Certifications and qualifications are great, but do they have the knowledge and experience you’re after? Utilising a managed service provider means this has already been taken care of, so you know you’re in the very best hands. Additionally, an in-house team only sees the IT problems that have already surfaced, whereas a managed service provider sees a wide range of IT problems every day. This means when a new problem occurs, they already have the knowledge and experience to fix it, within a fast timescale and at a lower cost.  

  1. Implementing new technology 

Solving an IT issue in-house could take days, weeks, even months if you have to find the appropriate people, train them, and then support them. However, a managed service provider has the capacity and resources to start new projects straight away. They are also constantly undergoing training in the latest technology to provide their clients with the best service, providing years of experience saving you time and money.  

  1. Stay focused on your business goals 

Every company has limited resources. If you’re having to focus on IT decisions, you’re losing time and energy that is needed elsewhere – especially if IT isn’t your thing! Outsourcing your IT gives you that time and energy back so you can continue to focus and strive towards your business goals knowing your IT is being taken care of (by professionals). 

  1. Security and compliance 

Cybercrime is one the world’s biggest criminal industries. Do you know how to protect your business online? Do you know to how to shield your networks and servers from hackers? Another massive benefit of outsourcing means you’ll receive tensive advice and knowledge from professionally trained experts who will safeguard your business using top-of-the-range technology and software. Furthermore, most industries have compliance standards that must be met and maintained. Without additional support, falling behind on compliance can become a slippery slope and one that’s costly. A managed service provider can provide an IT system audit and implement strategies to keep you compliant for your industry. 

It’s no surprise that computers and technology are becoming ever more complex whilst a standard piece of intelligent kit for nearly all businesses. However, maintaining an in-house IT team isn’t always a practical or feasible solution. If you’re looking for quality service without the hefty price tag, speak to our team today – outsourcing might the right choice for your business. 

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