4 Reasons why you should consider a Managed WIFI Solution

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1. Updates are Managed

Every wireless system requires firmware and software updates. If these updates aren’t carried out or are done so incorrectly with have a serious impact on the connectivity and performance of your network.

With a managed WIFI solution you’ll be supported by a team of experts who will live the system every day, understand what needs to be done, how it works and how it’ll affect your performance. This means the team will complete the updates at the right time for your system to keep running at its best.

Wireless is a utility like electricity or water it’s a fundamental requirement for every business to operate. The problem is, few small business owners have the skill set, the time or the inclination to support the ever-changing needs. It’s both a financial and technical challenge to keep up with demand.

Which is why deploying a managed WIFI system is the perfect solution

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2. Device and Wi-Fi Alignment

Devices today such as laptops, tablets and phones have an 18 to 24-month life span before another version comes out and you never know who is going to be bringing what onto your network next.

Your current WIFI system will probably last from 24 – 36 months, the problem is, this isn’t well known amongst small to medium sized business owners.

As a result, business owners think that the technology in place will still be fit for purpose, but you land up trying to support the latest devices on an outdated WIFI system that is over 5 years old.

With a managed WIFI system you can guarantee you’re always going to have the latest infrastructure in place to support the latest devices being used, this is because your systems will be updated and refreshed every 36 – 48 months, perfectly within the optimal limits.

3. Wi-Fi as a subscription (Wi-Fi as a service)

Think Cirrus is an expert when it comes to getting high quality, robust WIFI connectivity into hard-to-reach locations, listed buildings such as within the Rows in Chester City Centre, HGV stops and campus-based organisations.

Think Cirrus can provide Wireless-as-a-Service (WaaS), another acronym… yep, sorry we know.  All this means is that you buy connectivity from us, paying for it on a service basis.

If you own a hotel, holiday park or caravan park and your customers wish to purchase WIFI from you, you can choose whether you pass on all or some of the costs by charging them to use your WIFI.

Buying WIFI connectivity as a service is a very low-risk option, as all support and technology upgrades are included in the service, and the cost to you is spread over a period of time.

4. Worry-less management.

With a managed WIFI solution you don’t have to think about it. Your Managed service provider will do everything you need to. With Think Cirrus there are no call out charges as its all included as part of the monthly support payment.

There are no hidden costs, just open and honest I.T.

Boost Your Business and Engage Customers with Wi-Fi


Or you could just decide that it’s 1995…

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